System Integration / Process Automation
Our system integration approach is to combine all system processes and data with in the organisation and make it easily accessible and manageable.

But what if that's where you are?

Exalter can work with disparate data sources giving you the freedom to use your data as you require without throwing out the legacy. This is about taking stock of what is currently in place and exploiting your previous investment where possible. If existing operational systems are providing business value then it is important that they form part of the future Information Sharing architecture.

In many cases what is required is the integration capability to 'glue' these systems together in order to provide seamlessly the required information to authorised user based on role-based rules. The respectful engagement and co-operation of the existing system suppliers will be essential to enabling integration.

We can work with any systems using our existing toolset or, in unusual cases, building the required interfaces to enable your business to operate as you chose it to

what if you want ERP system?

Exalter change the way people think about ERP systems, now is the world where small and medium organizations can have such ERP systems. that combine all its processes.

Exalter provide out of the box highly competent solutions to your business, we not only develop such system but also take the resposnibilty of managing and support in later stages.

How we can create difference?

  • Our solution cut cost upto 60%
  • We provide a part of the system depending on the requirement
  • Our business process solutions that can be applied to a number of industries
  • Highly competent resources to work on your unique needs
  • We use different technologies and platforms from Sun, Microsoft, IBM etc and Opensource solutions

How we create difference?
Prior to the implementation of any solution or providing service to our client we perform free of cost SCOPING STUDY. The purpose of scoping study is to set out requirements more formally. Exalter will deliver a formal presentation and a report that accurately describe your requirement, our solution and our quote. You are open to use this study and obtain quotes from other service providers. Only once you’re satisfied and decide to go with Exalter a formal contract will be signed.
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